For more information contact Student Services
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If you are interested in one of our Adult Career and Technical Programs, please click the above link to apply online. You may complete this application before or after meeting with one of our School Counselors. If you choose to complete it prior to meeting with a counselor, please contact Student Services upon completion so that we may speak with you regarding the next steps.

NOTE: If you've applied to STC in the past, you may receive an error noting that 'Your Social Security Number is already in use'. If this is the case, please leave the Social Security Number field blank and continue with your application.


School counselors will discuss your career goals with you. Persons at least 16 years of age and not enrolled in high school may apply for adult admission via the following steps:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment with a school counselor to discuss Suncoast programs, services, costs, and financial aid.
  2. Complete a Suncoast application. Programs leading to licensure and certification require additional information.
  3. Pay a $45 application fee.
  4. Take a basic skills test if required.
    All Criminal Justice Academy applicants take the CJBAT/FBAT.
  5. Meet with a school counselor to review test results, receive information on specific programs, and enroll in your selected program.

    Some programs require additional fees for background checks or other application procedures.